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Enter your filter parameters and then click the "Get Events" button, or just leave the fields blank and click the button to get the full catalogue.

For instance, if you want to retrieve all types of event, just leave all of the Event Type boxes unchecked. This will act the same as if you had checked all of the Event Type boxes (but the request will execute faster).

The earliest entry in the CQSRG seismic event catalogue occurred on 2004-01-16, when operations commenced.

Currently only local earthquakes are listed. Although there are plans to include regional and teleseismic earthquakes as the catelogue is improved, this will be a time-consuming exercise, and is a relatively low priority compared to processing of local events. The same is true for extractive industry blasts. Although several blasts are detected every day, the shear number of them presents a challenge to analysing the records and formally recording the events.