CQSRG FS03 Monitoring Station: Technical Details


Four Seasons Monitoring Station.

The Four Seasons seismic monitoring station is registered with the International Seismological Centre as FS03 (that's FS zero three, not FS oh three).

It is located 16 km SW of Gin Gin, and 14 km WSW of Wallaville, as shown in the accompanying image, at Latitude -25.1068 and Longitude 151.8667.

Physical installation

The equipment is located in an unused calf shed about 150 m south of the St Agnes Creek, in the Horse Camp metropolitan area, on a property named "Four Seasons" (hence the station name). The FS03 station consists of a Kelunji Classic KA1 seismograph fitted with a Mark Products triaxial L43D seismomener sensor. The sensor sits atop a cylindrical concrete column 400 mm in diameter and sunk 1 m into the top-soil.The basement of the column is imbedded into dense granitic clay, which in turn surmounts a basalt and granite basement.

Power is supplied by a solar photovoltaic system regulated at 12 Volts d.c.

Communications to the station is by means of a Freewave spread-spectrum UHF radio RS232 link to a house 250 m to the north.


Sampling At 100 sample/sec, full scale 4194304
Ch Type    Serial    Name           Direction     Gain     Filters
1  L43D    #1482     East         270 deg true    0.00    DC    50.0
2  L43D    #1482     North          0 deg true    0.00    DC    50.0
3  L43D    #1482     Up           Positive up     0.00    DC    50.0


Kelunji #153, GURIA V4.16A
KA1M #110
KC1 V1 #171, terminal port 19200 baud, modem port 19200 baud
KG1 #184, card 4, 2048kB
KG1 #184, card 5, 4096kB
KP1 V2 #122


STA/LTA Channel 3, filter 1.00 to 7.50 Hz
Time const 0.50, 2.0, 20.0, 200.0 seconds
Ratios Fast 2.10, slow 1.75, squelch 5, 2 days
Length 150 to 230 secs, 99.00 sec pre-trigger, 1.10 cutoff