CQSRG WOOW Monitoring Station: Technical Details


Woowoonga Monitoring Station.

The Woowoonga seismic monitoring station is registered with the International Seismological Centre as WOOW.

It is located 5 km NE of Biggenden, as shown in the accompanying image, at Latitude -25.4755 and Longitude 152.0799.

Physical installation

The equipment is located in a purpose built steel housing, in the Woowoonga metropolitan area, on a property named "Woowoonga park" (hence the station name), and 15 m south of the homestead house atop a weathered granitic knoll. The WOOW station consists of a Kelunji Classic KA1 seismograph fitted with a Sprengnether triaxial S6000 seismomener sensor. The sensor sits atop a cylindrical concrete column 400 mm in diameter and sunk 1 m into the top-soil.The basement of the column is imbedded into dense granitic clay, which in turn surmounts a basalt and granite basement.

Power is supplied by 240 Vac mains system regulated at 12 Volts d.c. and charging a lead acid battery.

There is a Samsung notepad computer co-located in the station housing. Communications to the station is by means of a Telstra mobile data modem to the Internet.


Sampling At 100 sample/sec, full scale 4194304
Ch Type    Serial    Name         Direction      Gain     Filters
1  S6000   #10509    East          90 deg mag     1.00    DC    25.0
2  S6000   #10509    North          0 deg mag     1.00    DC    25.0
3  S6000   #10509    Up           Positive up     1.00    DC    25.0


Kelunji #164, GURIA V4.16A
KA1M #106
KC1 V2 #151, terminal port 19200 baud, modem port 19200 baud
KG1 #202, card 4, 6144kB
KP1 V2 #126


STA/LTA Channel 3, filter 1.00 to 7.50 Hz
Time const 0.50, 2.0, 20.0, 200.0 seconds
Ratios Fast 1.50, slow 1.75, squelch 5, 2 days
Length 150 to 230 secs, 99.00 sec pre-trigger, 1.10 cutoff