CQSRG Public Seismic Network (PSN)
Near-Real Time 24 hour display

CQSRG (pronounced CQ Surge) has been researching the earthquake seismicity of Eastern Central Queensland since it began operation in 2002.
CQSRG is a self funded, independent, non-commercial research institute.


CQSRG Hosts a Public Seismic Network earthquake monitoring station that is part of the Australian Regional Seismic Users Network. This station, known as the Horse Camp station, is located about 24 km south west of Gin Gin in the Bundaberg hinterland. It continuously monitors for seismic events in the Central Queensland region, and produces a 24 hour graphic image that simulates the traditional seismic drum display. This image is updated every 5 minutes.
WinSDR software is used to control the station.

24 hour seismic display.