CQSRG hosts this web page on behalf of the Australian Public Seismic Network (PSN)

CQSRG (pronounced CQ Surge) has been researching the earthquake seismicity of Eastern Central Queensland since it began operation in 2002. CQSRG is a self funded, independent, non-commercial research institute.

This web page provides a summary of some basic information pertaining to all seismic monitoring stations advised as being a node on the Australian Public Seismic Network.


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Place Name State Station
Station Location Station Operator Date Opened Date closed Operational Status Sensor Computer Platform Comment
Tambellup WA Works depot Coral G Raspberry Pi Replaces GNOT
Gnowangerup WA GNOT Yes No Library Closed Replaces GNOC
Dumbleyung WA DBYG No No 2020/07/27 Mark Products Geophone Raspberry Pi
Dangin WA QUA No Yes Whyte's 2021/02/15 Willmore Raspberry Pi
Hyden WA CRC 2020/10/28 Willmore Raspberry Pi
Southern Cross WA CRC 2020/06/15 Willmore Raspberry Pi
Meckering South WA MEKS Yes No Guy Kelly 2018/12/11 Mark Products Geophone Raspberry Pi
Meckering WA MECK Yes No Big Camera Mark Products Geophone Windows
Corrigin WA COR2 No Yes Capoms 2017/09/20 Willmore Raspberry Pi
Kalbarri WA Bruce Potter Willmore Raspberry Pi Out of town
Kalbarri WA CRC Closed Willmore
Moora WA CRC Closed Mark Products Geophone
Walebing WA Poppywell 2020/08/28 Mark Products Geophone Raspberry Pi Replaces MOORA
Bonnie Rock WA BR4 Yes No Graham's Closed Willmore
Koorda WA KOO6 Yes No CRC Closed Willmore Replaces BEAC
Beacon WA BEAC Yes No Primary School Closed Willmore
Lake King WA Hotel Closed Mark Products Geophone Never really worked.
Pingelly WA PING Yes No Old house Closed Willmore
Pingelly Woolshed WA PINW No No Woolshed Mark Products Geophone Replaces PING.
Quarirading WA QUAI Yes No CRC Closed Mark Products Geophone
Beverley WA CRC Closed Mark Products Geophone
Beacon WA BCON Yes No Closed Mark Products Geophone 6 monthe (remote)
Gnowangerup WA GNOW Yes No Karingal High School Closed Mark Products Geophone
Woodanilling WA Closed Mark Products Geophone hilli
Kojonup WA Closed Mark Products Geophone
Cadoux WA CADX Yes No Mark Products Geophone Windows
Mukinbudin WA MUKI No No Closed Willmore Windows
Bencubbin WA BENC Yes No Closed Willmore Windows
Lobethal SA LBTL No No Jim Deer Operational
Modbury SA THS Yes No The Heights School Operational
Middleton SA Operational
Payneham SA DNL No No DNL's place Operational
Mt Barker SA MBKR No No ??? Place Operational
Morphett Vale SA MPTV Yes No John Harris's Operational
Aberfoyle SA ABFP No No
Mt Torrens SA Primary School
Peake SA PEAK2 No No John's brother Operational?
Sunnydale SA SUND Yes No Willmore Mk3
Broomfield Vic Messmate Farm Operational Raspberry Pi
Kambah ACT KMBH Yes No Kambah Marion Leiba Operational Mark Products Geophone Windows Was KBH?
Gundaroo NSW GUND Yes No Primary School Closed Willmore
Gundaroo NSW GUN2 No No Nick's Jindery Farm Nick Drew Operational Willmore Raspberry Pi Replaces GUND
Yass NSW YAS1 No No Secondary School Tracey Randall Mark Products Geophone Windows
Crookwell NSW CROOK No No Crookwell Secondary School Closed?
Boorowa NSW Chris Howlett Replaces CROOK
Tallong NSW Primary School Willmore
Marks Point NSW Dal Hardy Closed Willmore
Redhead NSW Dal Hardy Closed Willmore
Dungog NSW DUNG No No State School Closed Willmore Raspberry Pi
Dungog NSW David Crane Ranger Replaces DUNG
Sandon Vic Sandon Gary Gibson
Beaumaris Tas Operational Raspberry Pi
Horse Camp Qld HCMP No No Four Seasons (Property) Mike Turnbull 2010/10/22 Operational Sprengnether S6000 Windows 7
North Bundaberg Qld North Bundaberg State School Closed Willmore Station has faied and is not generating data.
Swansea NSW SWAN Yes No Swansea Colin Stuart
Victor Harbour SA

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