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CQSRG (pronounced CQ Surge) has been researching the earthquake seismicity of Eastern Central Queensland since it began operation in 2002.
CQSRG is a self funded, independent, non-commercial research institute. Project partners and sponsors are welcome. Contact us to find out the benefits of becoming a research partner.

CQSRG Research Partners

The Central Queensland Seismology Research Group (CQSRG) was established in 2002, under the auspices of the then Faculty of Informatics and Communication of Central Queensland University (CQU), with Michael Turnbull (Lecturer, and later Adjunct Research Fellow) and Kevin McCue (Visiting Professor, and later Adjunct Professor) as the designated researchers. This affiliation with CQUniversity has continued except for a brief interval from 2013 to October 2016 during which time CQSRG operated independently.

CQSRG's primary research aim is to monitor for, and catalogue, earthquakes in Eastern Central Queensland; in the region bounded (approximately) north to Mackay, South to the Sunshine Coast, west to Roma, and out to sea some hundreds of kilometres.

CQSRG publishes an online catalogue of earthquakes that occur in Eastern Central Queensland, and uses current and historical data to determine the expected recurrence period of earthquakes ranging in exceedance magnitude from ML 2.0 to ML 6.0.

CQSRG makes available a number of online tools, educational material, and annual reports that allow visitors to this site to gain a better understanding of the earthquake seismicity of Eastern Central Queensland.